Situated in the beautiful county of Worcestershire

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My Bengal Boys


I started off having 1 cat & I am now the proud parent of 17 gorgeous Bengals.  Lovingly kept in my home & not caged up in a cattery, they are my pride and joy.


Firstly there is my main man Alvin, a beautiful Snow Seal Lynx Bengal with amazing blue eyes - he truly is the Daddy.  Then my gorgeous boy Cupid, a stunning brown/red spot & a naughty teenager.  A cracking adult now is my boy Codi, he has grown into a magnificent adult & produces gorgeous kittens.


I also have a truly stunning boy Snowballs with the bluest eyes I've ever seen.  He featured on Sky TV Discovery channel 2 years ago.



My Bengal Girls

I have 8 beautiful girls, the first being Narnia.  She is a stunning red/brown spot & the very first bengal I acquired.  She is cool, calm & collected with such a loving temperament.  Secondly Brownie who is the midwife of any of the babies born (even if they aren't hers!!).  She is a clever one who will gladly open the back door & allow all the others out (much to my horror!!)


My third girl is a stunning silver rosett SweetPea who is the bully of the pack & loves a good chat.  Indigo is my gorgeous Seal Lynx Snow girl with stunning ice blue eyes & loves a good play with the nearest tape measure.  My new girl is Saffron, a cracking girl with beautiful snow marbling.  Maisie an amazing Brown rosette girl & an amazing mum.


Onyx is a new edition, a stunning very dark with huge black spots, it will be intersting to see what her babies will eventually look like.  Lastly Pippa my stunning silver girl with a mind of her own!


Available Kittens


Please check our Available Kittens page for details.


References can be provided upon request.

All kittens can be Tica registered Active or for Show purposes.



All of my animals are regularly treated with Advocat.  Kittens are brought up on Royal Canin Kitten biscuits & Natural Instinct Raw minced Chicken of Human Quality.  Cats are Carnivores and need meat to keep their insides and physical appearance healthy.


All my adults are GCCF & Tica registered.  All have 5 generation pedigree certificates which can be validated.  I am a Tica and GCCF registered breeder.  Recently I have been licenced with Worcester Council according to the brand new Animal Welfare Act 2018. 


Kittens leave me fully insured with Agria and/or Pet Plan Insurance. 

History of the Bengal Cat F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 Explained


People are often confused by the F1 F2 f3 etc terms for a Bengal Cat.  These are the foundation cats & NOTHING to do with a Bengal kitten's pedigree.


For example: F1 would be the Asian Leopard cat mating with a domestic cat to produce F2.  This is done to create hybrids up until an F5, then they become the domesticated Bengal cat we know & love today & can be registered with TICA or GCCF & entered into cat shows.



If you wanted to emigrate and take the cat with you, which is what happened to a couple who wanted to emigrate with their 6 year old bengal - without the 5 generation pedigree certificate showing the cat wasn't a foundation but an SBT cat - they would not have been able to take their cat to New Zealand with them.  This is because an F or Foundation cat in certain countries need a wild animal licence to own them.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN SBTF5 KITTEN.







Licensed Breeder

Licenced by Worcestershire County Council in accordance with the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals - England) Regulations 2018  Ref: 18/0****/ANIACT


Tica and GCCF registered



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